a wedding card for my friend

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is a wedding card which I will give to a friend who got married today :) 
The picture and the quotes was from a hotel advertisement in a magazine.. 
I only did the painting for the background. Unfortunately I took this photo at night so it really shows the result of poor lightning quality :P The paper color is brown (between cappuccino brown with little grey colors) 
and I painted the background with floral pattern from yellow and purple color pencils. 
After that I added a small gold ring sticker which I got from my cousin :)
Although it’s made from scraps but I hope my friend will love the result. 
What do you think?  :P do you like the result?

Thank you for reading and the feedback are really appreciated!

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  1. lovely Layout Ika...and komposisi warnanya so lovely too....wonderful card dear..

  2. makasih mbak monik :) i also love the color..


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