birthday card for my sister

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And nowww… a birthday card for my sister who had her birthday on the 4th of July. Ohhhh yes, she celebrated it together with the American people :) and this year I made a simple and a bit traditional card.. 
I used a small earing as the center and gave some brown scraps papers on each side of the center. 
Then I drew the angles with brown color pen.. as usual :) I’ll give it when she’s coming to Bali in the next few months (hopefully).. I really hope she will like it!!

I will upload more cards next time. Now, I still have to finish my little aurora :P and also draw some other poses of her which ordered by a friend of mine :)

Thank you for looking friend! And visit me again more often, okay!! hehehe

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  1. Kartu2 kreasi Mbak Ika tetap ada sentuhan etniknya......sangat berkarakter......sooo beautiful....
    selamat berkarya selalu.....

    salam sayang:susan quilling

  2. Such a pretty card, Ika. Sorry for not long coming to your blog. I just scrolled down on your blog and found so many beautiful cards you made.

  3. @Susan: Makasih susan atas compliment dan supportnya! really appreciated! selamat berkarya juga buat susan yaa!

    salam sayang (juga) :)

  4. @Kupukupukuning: Makasih mbak Jovita!! :) apa kabar?

  5. @Dwita: Thank you so much mbak for your compliment :) You're one of my inspiration!

  6. Oh wooow I love bagian tengahnya Ka itu apa Ka cantiiik skali....elegant card Ika...

  7. makasih mbak monik! :) itu biasanya utk mata kalung mbak hehe..

  8. hmmm...kereeen baguss,,elegan cantiiq...

  9. @Siyeni: makasih mbak yeniii :) muachh


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