I quit my job :(

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hi all, happy sunday morning :) 

Last October I had to quit my job. So yes, now I'm jobless :P Well, my main reason is because I choose to take care of my family. Being a Personal Assistant to CEO for the past nine years was a great experience for me and I have learned a lot of things. However, when I was single, everything seemed so different and smooth. I didn't have to worry about coming home late or if I have to answer text message after work hours on late at night or did an easy task on weekends. But I guess I'm not the kind of a person who can manage time and attention between my work and my family. 

Things got worst coz I couldn't find a nanny and so my generous mother have to live with me to take care of my daughter ever since she was born. Thus, I feel grateful but sorry for her at the same time. And so after a long consideration and discussion with my husband that I decided to resign from my job. It was so difficult and very sad because I had been working in that company for nine years and my colleagues are like my own family. But well, in the end we all have to make difficult choices in our lives, right? And myself, this is the toughest one :( However, I keep praying that I can find another way to get an income while staying at home and taking care of my family.

On my last day of working I couldn't barely look at my friends.
I was so sad and that they so kind to give me a simple farewell with cakes and a present!And yes, they had success in making me burst to tears :D I love each one of them and I really hope to be able to hang out with them again another time. Bye bye my friends, my desk, my computer, my files, my payroll day!! :D Thank you all so much for everything and I am gonna miss you a lot!

Wish me luck, friends, I really need that :)

my work agenda and I forgot where I kept the other two :P

A farewell cake from my lovely friends :)

 Some of the farewell pics with my lovely friends :)

I am gonna miss you all so much ;(

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  1. Oh Ika, you are so sweet. Of course your family should come first, though I know you will miss your friends! I bet your daughter is loving having you all to herself now! Best of luck!

  2. Very nice of you Wendy! Thank you so much, I'm gonna need that luck :) yep, it was a very difficult decision but well, family comes first :)


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