Jakarta Hobbyfest (Indo CHA) 3-4 May 2014, Gambir Expo, Jakarta

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hi everyone, on last May, my sister and I joined a bazaar event which was held in Jakarta. 

The event is called Jakarta Hobbyfest (Indo CHA) and was held in two days. It was almost like a gathering for all communities from cosplay, crafts, toys etc. There were many craft workshops but unfortunately I didn't take any of it coz I had to standby at my stall :) The great thing on joining this event was I had the opportunity to meet some friends whom I know from social media, took picture with senior crafters and owner of Smartyhand (a big company that provides imported crafts product mostly from Japan). I know some of them from Multiply website which had terminated few years ago. 

It was really exciting, my sister and I really had fun and glad that we made good sales during the event! :) Maybe on my next event, I can meet you in person :D Ohh really looking forward to that! hehe.. well, take care!

My name card printed on magnetic paper

The gate entrance

The crowd visitors

My oldest sister on the top left and below is my little sister and her old friend

Meeting with my creative friends!

Our stall :)

Posing with senior crafters and the owner of Smartyhands :)

One of creations from Cosplay member

Stall of senior crafter - Mbak Dwita Siregar

Stall of my good friend - Melissa :)

Stall of another good friend - Ayu :)

Creation of one of my good friend - Mbak Rini Rusli :)

Posing with Mbak Dwita with her creation a tote bag from the workshop :)

 Posing with a hero from the future :P her costume is so attractive :)

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