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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hi everyone, you might wonder what is SVN Bikes?

It's an online company owned by my husband. Other than his primary job as an IT Head in a villa, he also has his own trading company specialized in BMX bikes. He has been doing it part time for the past ten years. In the past one year, he made some changes and decided to use name SVN Bikes to replace the old name EconoBMX. And the different thing now is that I am taking part of managing it :) yep, some kind of a wife intervention hehe..

I didn't know much about BMX though but I must learn. Our customers come from all parts of Indonesia and as for the products are imported from USA. My husband has managed to become the authorized dealer in Indonesia for brand Fitbikeco and S & M. 

We hope that by changing management and way of marketing, we can grow bigger and better. And a small step has been taken by cleaning up and displaying some of the products at our home. 

Anyone interested can email me :)

some of the products

come in, please :)

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