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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hi Everyone :)

How are you doing today? Hope you're all in good health! Thanks for coming again. I'm truly sorry to say that I am sooo sleepy now. Yesterday i slept at around 3 am. Yes, I've got a bit of insomnia i think hehe.. but well, i love to be here again with you although it's now almost 1 am and i can't barely see my laptop monitor ;)

I'd like to upload another roses creation almost similar with what i made yesterday. t's a compliment actually :) coz this is a special request from a friend after she saw my posting yesterday.. since i have no stock of silinder box to recycle so I replace it with a small chocolate box.. unfortunately i forgot to take the picture of the original box :P coz I was racing with my time.. the roses made from crepe papers, then i gave three small green ribbons. Also i'm using a paper napkin which I got from starbuck coffee last year when i went there with some friends (i didn't drink the coffee though but i brought some stack of their paper napkins :P). And of course for the last touch i put a small tag embossed with fancy corner embossing from Cuttlebug collection.

Anyway, I have to say that this is a really fresh from the oven (and heart) posting :P you see, i have just finished this about half an hour ago coz I have to bring it tomorrow, then i took the picture and upload it instantly :) so they are really fresh roses.. Hopefully my friend will love it :)

Thanks everyone! Love you all!

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  1. Wow!! So so pretty, Ika.. Ruly will love it...

  2. thank you mbak dwita :) but it's not for me.. it's a request from my friend. I uploaded roses for Rully few days ago :)

  3. thank you my lovely sister to make it for me, that for my husband as a valentine gift....guest he very like it, three white roses sitting on heart shape box which written with romantic words around them presented our little family that hope always blessing by love and happiness....very beautiful,simple details but have a lot of meaning...thank you...XXX (lady)

  4. My pleasure dear sister! :) next time I'll make more lovely things for your sweet small family :) love the three of you! :)


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