nine years of sharing gloom and blissfulness..

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hi there.. nice to see you again! thank you for visiting me!
Today, I upload one of my crafts work which i made specially for my husband :)
I'm also joining the Hint of Spring and Fabulous Linking Party at Passionately Artistic website.

Well, it was supposed to be a surprised for him on valentine's day :P but I ruined it!! what can i say, we live under the same roof, go to work at the same time, eat at the same menu, sleep on the same bed.. in other words, I can't hide this roses from him! I did tried to hide it in our work room at home but again, he works  in there with me too :) and there's no space where i can take this picture without him notice it :D

Hehe.. don't get me wrong, I have always enjoyed being with him all the time hehe.. in fact, it's actually a blessing. So here's for you darl! I made 9 roses as a symbol of our 9 years of  gloom and  blissfulness that  we have shared since the day we met. Thanks for everything and hope you'll love it! :)

A bit about this roses is that they are made of crepe papers. The vase is made of an old packaging box and i covered it with a sheet of printed paper. I wrote some selected love quotations on the paper and printed  it out. Then i tide a little embossed tag (fancy corners from Cuttlebug) with green ribbon and put a metal butterfly as an accessory.

No need expensive cost to make a lovely gift. 
All we need is just a little love when we create it! Don't you think? hehe.. :)

(the old packaging box before i turned it into a flower vase)

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  1. Your roses are gorgeous! They look real!

  2. Thank you very much Wendy! I follow the tutorial for the roses from :)


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