special card for a special person :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi Everyone.. happy valentine's day to you all!! 
May you'll be surrounded by love, love and love in your whole life :)

Everywhere I go at every shop I passed by they put hearts accessories, not to mention pink teddy bear, red roses and pink hearts all because of this Valenttine's Day. I must say that personally for me everyday is Valentine's day :) but then again I find it great to have at least one day at every 365 days to make someone feels so special by giving them flowers, chocolate, gifts or a romantic dinner :) coz sometimes in this busy worlds of ours, we find it hard to spare a little time for someone we love or even forget to say the magical three words.. I love you. It may sounds simple but actually it means so much :)

Today, I'm uploading a special card for my hubby. Hopefully he won't see this posting until tomorrow morning :P Coz I don't want to ruin another surprise for him :) I draw simple leaves on the edge right top and left bottom using a silver pen, on the center I embossed my recycled paper (which I made myself few years ago :P) then I lock the card with vellum paper and typed and printed out the sentiment..

Once again, Happy Valentine to you all and hope you'll have a romantic celebration with someone you loved!


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