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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello all :) How are you doing today? Hope you're always in good health.

Just a quick post again, sorry because it's already 1 am here and I am soo exhausted today. I have added another activity to my weekly schedule which is a language course :P Yes, I am studying again hehe.. and I do my course after my office hour every Tuesday and Friday for the next 3 months :) Hope my old brain can still accept the lesson :P

And this late afternoon I got great news that I won a giveaway from one of my friend quiz on her facebook! Yipeee. She also has her own blog and you can find it on the right side of the bar, her name is Dwita and she's a very creative woman as I learn a lot from her :) Thanks mbak Dwita for your lovely giveaway notebook!

Well, this early morning, I just want to upload gift tags which I have just finished few minutes ago. They are ordered by a friend for her friend's wedding. The design is very simple and very fast to make, I only typed the fonts, chose the shape and printed out then cut them one by one using a cutter. Afterward the nice thing I love to do was embossing them with Fancy Corner embossing folder from CB machine. I only made the holes as my friend wanted to use her own ribbons for the tags. Here they are..

Ok everyone, this is all for now coz I am really really sleepy right now!
Love you all always!! Muach Muach :)

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  1. You gift tags are adorable.
    Please check my blog for your award

  2. Fabulous and good luck with the language course!

    Just popping by to say hi and that im looking forward to working with you at AIFactory xx

  3. @Radwa: thank you Radwa, dear for your kindness! really appreciate the award :)
    @Jennie: Thanks Jennie :) I'm struggling with the course hehe.. looking forward to working with you too. hugs


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