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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello there! Nice to see you again. Hope you've had a great Monday! :) Unfortunately for myself, this Monday has been really an exhausting day.. Not that I was doing anything exhausting but because I haven't felt very well since this morning, not really concentrate in whatever I do at the office.. Looks like my body need some rest ;) But still many things I must do before I can have my weekend, right!

Anyway, there's still a little spirit for me to create something tonight. Lucky that I get a chance to make a card for Embellishment Challenge hosted by VN Digital Art at Crafters Digital Art Center. Vivian makes very cute digi of this lovely little girl.. I loovee this girl soo much! :) Embellishment for this challenge are Rhinestone and Lace.

Here's the freebies from VN Digital Art that we must use. Very cute little girl! :)

And here's my card for the challenge

I'm using a dusty rose card paper, an old lace, some small jeweleries seal as the rhinestones, which I glued one by one, paper with roses pattern for the background, coloring with copic for the skin, colorbox ink pad orchid pastel for the frame and coloring the rest of the image with coloring pencil from Faber Castell. For the sentiment, I typed on my word program, printed it out on a vellum paper then I cut the same card paper following the size of the sentiment frame and glued them together from the back of the sentiment. This way, you won't see any glued appered on the vellum paper and make more neat result..

Hope this is good enough :) Thank you Vivian for the lovely digi and 
goodluck to everyone who participating on this challenge!

Okay, I'm leaving now to have something to eat! :)
Love you all.

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  1. That is very beautiful card! Good luck!

  2. ulubieniec22/2/11 9:41 AM

    This is a very beautiful card! Good luck!!!

  3. Bikin kartu bisa utk obat stress dan lelah karena kerja mbak....hi hi hi..

    iya stampnya lucu ya....kartunya juga cantik, suka bangeeet.....

    semoga menang mbaaak....


  4. @Ulubienic: thank you very much :)
    @Susan: iya betul itu san.. walaupun ngantuk2 bikinnya tp bikin lupa ama kerjaan kantor and ga bikin stress hehe.. lucu ya stampnya, buatannya gemes2 bgt susan.. makasih ya.. ya kalo rejeki mudah2n ga kemana kok hehe

  5. Nice!!!!
    Just popping by to say Hi and tell you that I am looking forward to working with you at AIFactory xxx

  6. @Marie: Hi Marie, thank you so much! Cant wait to work with you too :)


thank you! your comments means a lot to me :)

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