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Friday, February 04, 2011

Hello everyone.. how was your day? hope you'll have a fun Lunar New Year holiday today! :)  For those who celebrate it, may all of your wishes will come true and may you will be fill with love, wealth and health..

It's now raining heavely and 1 am in the morning here. But I'm happy that I still have a little energy to upload one of my creations :) i manage to make a black card! It is as black as the night :P  Actually this card has been staying in my storage for quite some time and i did not finish it until few days ago. Well, sometimes when I'm stuck and have no idea what to make, I just leave my card and take a little time to get some inspiration.. Once I get the "blink", I won't waste the time to apply it ;) Anyway, on this card I put a silver earing and draw the edges with silver pen then I embossed it with floral fantasy pattern.. 

I will upload another card soon, okay! for now this is all! :) 
thanks for looking everyone! My warmest regards to you all! muuacchh

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  1. really adorable love how you used CB machine soo original Idea and great use the black paper...hmmm I wish I get one of a card from you using CB machine Ika...your idea is so original and crisp..SALUT..hugs

  2. hehe, thank you mbak monika! really appreciated! no worries, just wait for a card to arrive at your door soon :) though I used CB but it's always an enjoyment to draw the edges hehe..


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